Erinevus lehekülje "Kasutaja arutelu:Messir" redaktsioonide vahel

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Hi. There is {{tl|sõrendus}} template to format letter-spaced words. Also, if you happen to have scans of ''Kalevipoeg'' then it'd be much appreciated if you could upload it for [[Juhend:Korrektuur|proofreading]] purposes. [[Kasutaja arutelu:Pikne|Pikne]] 18. juuni 2021, kell 11:28 (EEST)
::Thanks. But it is not difficult to touch "space" after each letter)--[[Kasutaja:Messir|Messir]] ([[Kasutaja arutelu:Messir|arutelu]]) 18. juuni 2021, kell 20:42 (EEST)
::: Space character between each letter of a word is not quite desirable. In addition to typographic concerns, this way word cannot be found via site search, some screen readers read letters separately, and line breaks occur inside words. [[Kasutaja arutelu:Pikne|Pikne]] 19. juuni 2021, kell 09:10 (EEST)